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Places and Works of Art


Three Medieval doorways allow you to enter the ancient village on the hill. When  you arrive in the heart of Longiano, you immediately come to the Town Hall and  on the left, there is the majestic Sanctuary of the Holy Crucifix, whilst on the  other side of the road, still in the square, there is the Petrella Theatre. To  the right the road goes up towards the Castle from whose loggias you can see the  sea. Let's begin with the Sanctuary, a delightful flight of steps takes you up  to this lovely church which preserves, among other things, a precious 12 th  century Cross (from the Pisano-Giuntesca school). Built in 1870 and re-stored  and reopened in 1896, it quickly became one of the national reference points of  the new theatre.


A pleasant walk brings you to the Castle which dominates the  village and the plain and is the seat of the Tito Balestra Foundation. On the  courtyard inside the Tower stands out and opposite this, there is the outline of  a Venetian bath, sign of the brief dominion of the Republic of the Dogi. Beyond  the gate there is the Piazza Malatestiana and then you immediately go down  towards the ancient village. Not far off there is the Museum of the Territory,  which houses interesting findings, documents and historical evidences. Once  again on the theme of museums, the Museum of Sacred Art is extremely interesting  (by the Town Council and the Diocese of Cesena), in the Baroque style Oratory of  S. Giuseppe, which preserves splendid stuccoes and beautiful altar pieces.


The Tito Balestra Foundation

As you have seen, there are several things not to be missed in Longiano. Beside  the intense cultural activity, thanks to the national "premières" and "previews"  at the Petrella Theatre, one of the museums, that of the Tito Balestra  foundation, deserves a mention. Tied to the name of Tito Balestra, a 20 th  century Italian poet from Longiano (1923-1976), the Foundation preserves,  exhibits and promotes -by means of various events - one of the most beautiful  collections of contemporary art, from Mafai to Rosai, from De Pisis to Sironi  right up to Guttuso and Vespignani.

Among the exhibited works, there is the  conspicuous collection by Mino Maccari (about 1,800 oils and graphic works) and  the carvings by some of the best contemporary artists like Morandi and  Zancanaro, dose to works of Goya, Chagall, Kokoschka, Matisse. Many hours can be  spent visiting this collection, which spreads out over the three floors of the  ancient Castle.


Festivals and events


There is a full calendar of festivals in Longiano and its surrounding area. At  Christmas, the exhibition "Longiano dei Presepi" takes place with many cribs on  display along the most charming streets of the ancient medieval center. Not to  be missed on this occasion is visit to the mechanical Crib set up in the  Sanctuary of the Holy Crucifix, to which the Patron Feast (with a historical  procession) on 26th of July is dedicated.

At the end of July "Longiano Week"  takes place, while gourmets should not miss the "Festival of the Oil and Olive  Tree", which is held during the second weekend of November in Balignano, a  hamlet which is just a stone's throw from Longiano. Here there is Villa Turchi,  an 18th century agricultural villa with an oil-mill, which still works. Longiano  one of the most northern places of the cultivation of olives. Good oil and  ancient delicacies (at the top of the list there is stockfish cooked in man  different ways) are the specialties of this event.

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