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Places and Works of Art


The churches of Sogliano contain interesting Works. The Oratory of Saint Lucia  erected in the last century houses a canvas portraying the martyr from Siracusa.  The critics define it as being of the school of Bologna, perhaps by the artist  Alessandro Guardassoni. As to the Church of Pity or of Agony, the oratory that  Ramberto the Philosopher had built in 1548, was modified around 1845. Inside,  among other things, it was possible to admire a canvas dating back to 1520,  which depicted the Pity of the Madonna. Today, however, the Church is closed.


In  the Church of Suffraga situated in Piazza Mazzini there is a canvas representing  the Madonna on a throne, holding her Child who is offering a bunch of cherries  to a little Saint John. The saints Macario and Rocco are on either side of the  Madonna. This beautiful canvas, dated 8th June 1575, was painted by an unknown  artist. It is also to mention the Convent of the Augustines, in Via Pascoli,  which has become famous because it had Giovanni Pascoli's sisters, Ida and  Maria, to stay as boarders after the tragedy which hit the Pascoli family on the  10th August 1867. The poet spent brief periods of time in Sogliano to which he  dedicated rhymes and poems.


The pungent perfume of the


Sogliano has become famous among the great chefs of Italian and foreign  restaurants for its cheese. This unique cheese was created when the farming  community needed to conserve the agricultural products in such a way to be able  to eat them during the winter season. Traditionally, every farmer took his own  package of cheese to mature in the pits from the 16th August to the beginning of  September and then collected it again when pits were opened up a few days before  the 25th November.


The pits are holes shaped like flasks, 3 meters high and  about 2 meters large, dug out of the tufa of the built up area of Sogliano (the  pits used for production are located near the Palazzo Marcosanti, then Ripa).  The particular conditions of temperature, umidity and the presence of oxygen  create the perfect environment for the process of transformation that results in  the Fossa cheese. Usually, the Fossa cheese fair takes place on three Sundays  between November and December.


Walk and Surrounding Areas


Those who love walking in "lost villages" cannot miss Pietra dell'Uso. It is a  partly abandoned, rural center, placed on a crag near a bottleneck of the  torrent, remembered in the 12th century as a castle belonging to the Bizinghi  family and to the Abbey of Montetiffi. On the summit there is the Church and the  traces of the ancient castle. Montetiffi is worth a visit. The little medieval  village is situated on a majestic rocky surface, where there was an important  Benedictine abbey erected in the 11th century. In the Middle Ages, the abbey and  the village were enclosed by fortification works of which some traces still  remain.


The Church dedicated to Saint Leonard, situated on the summit of the  rocky edge, is the only thing left of the ancient abbey. Today Montetiffi is  also known for its production of baking tins and pans used for cooking piadina.  In the territory one craft workshop still exists, which continues its work,  following archaic techniques for the production of these objects. The  manufacturing process is long and laborious and only red and blue colored clay  is considered valid. After being broken into small pieces and macerated, it is  mixed with minced calcite stone. The mixture obtained in this way is ready to be  worked and cooked in a furnace at a temperature of about 600-700°C. Only now the  pan is ready for cooking piadina.

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